About Us

Who We Are

CodaCare is founded on the belief that one can age gracefully and purposefully with the best possible quality of life and eventually pass on in the comfort of their own homes with dignity and fulfilment.

As an aging society, many elderly face difficulties with care at home due to the lack of long-term planning and preparedness of the caregiver. Through continual comprehensive assessments and customised evidence-based programmes, CodaCare aims to transform the way care for the elderly is delivered.

Our expert team of medical and allied health professionals will journey with you and prepare you every step of the way so there will be no surprises.


Because your journey matters.

Our Founders

Goh Aik Guan

Chairman / Director

Aik Guan is no stranger to the healthcare scene. He was Deputy Secretary in the Ministry of Health post-SARS and subsequently helmed MOH Holdings Pte Ltd as Managing Director for 14 years. He oversaw many transformational changes in the public healthcare landscape ranging from healthcare IT to Intermediate and Long-term Care. He is now fixated with how Singapore’s model of care for elderly, especially for the end-of-life, palliative phase can be transformed.

Carolina Png


Carolina has more than 20 years of clinical and administrative experience spanning the healthcare continuum from acute hospital to community care sector. She is a physiotherapist by profession and is passionate in transforming the way care is delivered to our elderly through clinical innovation and evidence-based practices.

Jeremiah Kee


Jeremiah has more than 20 years of operational experience. As an ex-military officer, he is well-versed in managing real time operations in highly complex situations. During COVID-19, he joined HPB to help manage national testing operations through the set up of multiple high volume, temporary testing sites. He currently runs BCH ART, a company that provides mobile/offsite COVID-19 testing and health screening services to the government and public.

Amos Tan


Amos has more than a decade of experience in the aviation industry. An airline Pilot by profession, he has the ability to perform and stay calm even when under immense pressure. During COVID-19, he joined HPB to help manage national testing operations through the setup of multiple high volume, temporary testing sites in the dormitories around Singapore. He currently runs BCH ART with Jeremiah.