palliative care

Palliative and End-of-Life (EOL) Care Plans

Our Focus of Care

Our Palliative Care service is centred around what matters to you and to help you achieve the best quality of life possible.

We want our clients to find comfort in us when we journey with them during their twilight years because of our strong focus on relationship building and through the cultivation of trust.

Under CodaCare's comprehensive care and support, clients can have peace of mind to live life to the fullest, in the comfort of their homes.

Comprehensive Care Plan

CodaCare will prepare and journey with our clients during their golden and twilight years in the comfort of their own homes.

Our expert team of primary care physician, nurse and allied health professionals will comprehensively assess and structure the care plan based on the client's needs in the areas of medical, physical, cognitive and psychosocial; integrating the client's preferences into a holistic end-to-end plan.

We strive to build good and trusting relationships with our clients which is important for understanding their needs and honouring their preferences for end-of-life care.

Our emphasis is on person-centred care and improving the client's quality of life. We will engage our clients with exercises and activities to slow down the debilitating effects of disease, and support them in doing the things they enjoy with the people they love.

We will work very closely with the hospitals and specialists to ensure smooth transition of care so that our clients can have peace of mind to live life to the fullest with the best quality of life possible.


Under CodaCare's comprehensive care and support, you can have peace of mind to live life to the fullest with the best quality of life possible.


Find comfort in us as we journey with you.

One Stop Health and Concierge Service

Each and every one our clients is assigned a dedicated relationship manager to help manage all aspects of your care.

Our expert team of primary care physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals, will conduct regular comprehensive assessments and follow-up care to ensure client needs are taken care of.

CodaCare will work closely with our partners for specialists and complementary services to ensure holistic care so you and family can focus the time on what really matters.


  • One stop healthcare concierge with a dedicated relationship manager
  • Comprehensive assessment (medical, physical, cognitive, psychosocial) by CodaCare clinical team
  • Home environment assessment and set-up
  • Dietician assessment and advice
  • Home visits by CodaCare team
  • Allied health services
  • Medical services
  • Terminal discharge
  • Grief and bereavement

Start your journey in 3 easy steps.


Our relationship manager will share more about CodaCare's programmes and understand what your needs are.


We arrange for an initial home visit by our expert team for a comprehensive assessment and develop a care plan tailored to your needs.


The CodaCare team provides ongoing monitoring and follow-up care, enabling you to live with an enriched quality of life.